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Hotel Andermax in Vierschach
Armchair in the Spa

Your charming hotel
in Vierschach

Elisa and Harry's masterpiece

Since we introduced you to our hotel in Vierschach, we have had an overwhelming time, which has brought us great joy and satisfaction, and which gives guests the opportunity to discover the fantastic features of a holiday with us. Today, our Andermax is a popular hotel, promising you, as always, a spectacular holiday!

At our hotel in Vierschach, South Tyrol, you will experience pure comfort in chic rooms with a great view. Additionally, you can look forward to the tasty cuisine with treats in the morning and delicacies in the evening. The view from the rooftop pool is incredible and, thanks to the unbeatable location, you can embark on a new mountain adventure all year round.

Check it out for yourself!
See you in Vierschach,
Harry & Elisa
So close to the mountains,
not far from Innichen

It doesn’t get better than this

Where the fun on the slopes starts right outside the door, the Dolomites are a stone’s throw away, you can turn directly onto the cycle path, and on the same day, you can still go for a spin through Innichen... then you know you are on holiday at the Andermax.
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